I don’t like stretching and, in particular, I really don’t like yoga. If you read my review of T25 Focus, you’ll recall that it didn’t include my thoughts on the stretching video because I never completed it. However, the benefits of yoga outweigh my aversion, so I’ve forced myself to start actively and regularly participating (it helps having a home teacher as awesome as this one). Combined with regular sweat sessions and meditation, yoga is one of the keys to a healthy mind, body and, yes, spirit.

Yoga Resources for Beginners

As a writer in both my 9-5 gig and author side gig, I spend a lot of time sitting, which is surprisingly hard on your body. A few of my favourite yoga DVDs catered to beginners that you can do from the comfort of your living room are:

I would also highly recommend a yoga block and quality yoga mat.

benefits of yogaThey don’t call it downward dog for nothing!

The benefits of Yoga

I think the reason that I hate dislike yoga so much is that I’m not very good at it. I’ve had spinal surgery, which means that I’m not exactly the picture of flexibility. I’m also a type A personality and a perfectionist who likes to excel at everything I do.

When I find something that I’m not very good at it, I’d rather not do it. However, yoga is something that can actually help my back and even if I will never be doing headstands or other crazy contortions, I can get better (even if better doesn’t mean good).

The American Osteopathic Association tells us that yoga can help to:

Do you practice yoga? Dogs make it look so easy!

dog-1133053_640 (2)

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