I saw the hashtag #beatwritersbutt on Instagram and I couldn’t resist participating. Writers spend a lot of time sitting on their butts, so how do we combat the dreaded writers’ butt? Well, with the best booty workout of course! I previously shared my favourite YouTube channels for free workouts and the best Jillian Michaels DVDs (many are lower body focused), but today we’ll dive a bit deeper.

Since I write for both my day job and side gig, it’s especially important for me to make sure I don’t live my life sitting on my butt. I pace during conference calls, walk Buster the boxer at lunch, and break a pointed sweat at least six days a week. I used to spend hours at the gym, but I’ve learned to train smarter rather than harder from the comfort of home and, when possible, outside.

Best booty workout

To avoid putting real butts in your feed, I opted for chicken butts. If you want some steamier examples, click here, here, here and here. It’s also a great way to learn more about Sweet Redemption and my other books!

Home Gym Essentials

Here are my home gym essentials that replaced my gym membership:

Best booty workout

I prefer strength training workouts and they are by far the best way to build a butt. However, I advocate balance for all things in life, so here are some of my favourite lower body focused workouts (strength training included):



HIIT/Strength Combination


What’s your favourite lower body workout?

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