I’m not a Beachbody coach and won’t be trying to sell you anything. However, the workouts are amazing, so I’m happy to complete them alone in my living room (also check out my Jillian Michaels and free YouTube recommendations). Since I’ve done almost every Beachbody program, I’m going to share my thoughts on the blog, starting with a Focus T25 Alpha review.

T25 consists of two 10 week phases: Alpha and Beta. Each phase has five workouts that repeat, which admittedly gets boring. If you’d like a free preview of the type of exercises in the videos, check out Shaun T’s 15 minute workout that he did with Dr. Oz.

Each T25 workout is 25 minutes five days per day week. However, on the fifth day, you do two consecutive videos. If that’s too much, you can do a video on your rest day instead. Warning: T25 Alpha is heavy on squats and lunges with lots of jumping.

T25 Focus Results

Focus T25 Alpha Review: Overview

Every workout left me feeling sweaty and challenged. I stuck with each video for the entire 25 minutes, which doesn’t sound like long. Trust me, it feels like forever when you’re working hard. If you’re going to show up, you might as well push!



Overall Pro Tips

Best Beachbody workout

Focus T25 Alpha Review: day by day


This routine was comprised of simple moves in challenging sequences. It’s very possible to get through it and I pushed myself to do the advanced versions (though I confess to modifying a few repetitions of almost every move).

Speed 1.0

This workout is more intense than the cardio video, which is the “easiest” overall. However, while the program advertises “no breaks,” it’s not really true. Many moves are designed to give you a breather, including stretches built into the workout.

Total Body Circuit

This was the hardest workout from a cardiovascular perspective. The folks in this video are jacked and there were puddles of sweat on the floor. Imagine how I, a self-described non-jacked person, fared. Hint: it was not pretty and James asked if I was dying. I yelled at Shaun T, but I’m happy he made me work so hard.

Ab Intervals

I have a weak core due to a childhood back surgery. The moves in this workout were very challenging for me personally and I modified throughout the entire phase. However, for a “normal” person, I’m sure it feels less like torture.


I love weight training, so the Alpha Phase of T25 has been a struggle for me (it’s all body weight exercises). I generally hate cardio and would rather be lifting weights, but this workout is both fun and challenging. It’s a good idea to change up your routine because your body eventually adjusts to whatever you’re putting it through. For this strength training junkie, the cardio was a slap in the face!

Bonus: Stretch

There is a stretching video, which I didn’t complete. Don’t be like me – stretching is important for recovery.

Let me know in the comments if you would consider trying the T25 Focus program! My Beta phase review is coming soon.

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