Vitamin D is important to overall health and immunity, including brain function, and many of us are not getting enough. If you live in a climate with dark winters and you don’t take a supplement, chances are you’re deficient in this critical mineral. Most people practice safe sun nowadays, which of course is important to preventing skin cancer, but it also doesn’t help us get vitamin D naturally.

Importance of vitamin D
Buster doesn’t have any shortage of sunshine at the cottage – he’s unhappy we pulled him out of the lake for a picture, lol

Why you need Vitamin D…it:

When my doctor was figuring out my thyroid condition, he tested me for everything under the sun and found I was severely deficient in vitamin D, which was partly to blame for my brain fog (an underactive thyroid doesn’t help in that regard either). After taking a very high dose of vitamin D for several months (under doctor supervision), my levels are now in the normal range and I’m taking a maintenance dose, which I’ll take for the rest of my life.

Here are some foods you can eat (and supplements you can take) that are good sources of vitamin D and can help ensure you get your recommended daily dose:

What vitamins do you take every day?

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