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Olivia Peters is a Canadian girl who works as an executive ghostwriter by day and a romance novelist by night. While she has never mixed up her two roles, she sometimes thinks about it just to inject some fun into the boardroom.

She writes unapologetically about hot, dirty talking alpha men and the strong, sexy women who bring them to their knees. Her writing style is accessible with stories readers can relate to and characters they get emotionally invested in.

Olivia’s erotic scenes will misfire your synapses. One of her friends forgot how to use her microwave after reading Olivia’s debut novel, Sweet Redemption. Be warned that if you proceed, your Kindle may set on fire.

She is a country girl and spends as much time as possible at her lakeside cottage dreaming up her next story. When she’s not writing, she’s outside doing something active, cooking up a storm in her cluttered kitchen, or spending time with her husband, James, their boxer, Buster, and their black lab, Bear. 

Olivia is also a lifestyle blogger, sharing her passion for health and wellness with her readers. Olivia responds to every message she receives and would love to hear from you.

sweet redemption reviews


Breaking off my marriage of convenience to start a smoldering affair turns my world upside down. Trevor was supposed to be worth it. He nearly made me spontaneously combust in bed while showing me a love I never thought possible outside of it.

Except it was all a lie. Happily ever after with a man who betrayed me? Not a chance.


I planned to destroy Brooklyn because someone had to pay for the sins of her father. Instead, her touch healed everything that was broken inside me, and I fell hopelessly in love with my enemy’s daughter.

Brooklyn thinks she can end us, but I’m not spending another day without her by my side. Give up on love? Never, even if it kills me. 

amy @ book addict reviews

There is plenty of drama, steaminess and mystery throughout the story that it completely sucks you in.

liana @ liana reads

The writing was good, the chemistry was felt within the pages and the characters [grew by the end]. I can't wait to read the second book about the secondary characters in this series as they seem so interesting and I'm sure we are in for a ride.

stacie redinger @ goodreads review

I was drawn in from the start and couldn’t put this book down. Brooklyn is one of my favorite heroines because you can see her finding herself and her voice throughout the book and that is something that I love to see. The character growth for her and Trevor was awesome to read! I’m ready for the next one!

britney @ _britneys.romance.library_

I have to say Olivia wrote an incredible book that got me hooked right away and kept me interested throughout the whole book! It was different than most enemies to lovers romance but I liked that about it. It mixed things up and kept me craving more! I still need more Trevor and Brooklyn. I hope there is more of them in the other books in this series!

vickie @ we licked that book

Sweet Redemption was hard to put down. It’s full of secrets, betrayal, lies, drama and chemistry. The characters weren’t anything like I was expecting and I was really hoping Brooklyn was going to make the right choice. A really good debut book by this author and I can’t wait to read more from her.

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