For a delicious meatless Monday option, try my easy and simple Thai quinoa salad that is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and soy free (the same as these donuts, which were my most popular recipe of 2017).

I like to make this salad and then eat it for lunch all week because I don’t mind eating the same healthy thing for days on end (goes well with my natural inclination towards kitchen laziness and hatred of dishes).  

Asian Quinoa Salad

I understand that meal prepping can seem like a lot of upfront work. However, there’s nothing better than having pre-prepared food after a long day. It also prevents me from reaching for less healthy options that happen to be convenient.

I maximize my time, which is essential because I work 9-5, manage this blog and also write novels that I’m trying to publish traditionally. I don’t believe you can be truly healthy without cooking, so if I must cook, I want to be efficient about it.

When I eat clean, I have more energy, my skin looks better, and I feel happier and lighter. I definitely stepped away from my preferred eating style over the holidays, but rather than punish myself for it, I’ve pivoted and found my way again.

Join me?

Thai quinoa salad

This simple Thai quinoa salad is vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. It can be a main course or a side and is tasty enough to please a picky carnivore.

This recipe serves 6-8, depending if it’s a main course or a side.  

Quinoa Salad



  1. Boil the quinoa in chicken broth (you can use water if you prefer) and allow it to cool
  2. Put the quinoa in a large bowl and add the greens, shredded carrots, chopped onion, and chopped peppers
  3. Pour the sesame oil on top of everything and stir to combine. If you’re using sriracha, now is the time to add it
  4. Top with cashews and serve

Pro tip: this is a simple recipe, but you can make a more elaborate sauce if you prefer. I don’t like to drink my calories or have them rack up through sauces, so I chose to keep it light and easy.

Do you like quinoa? If so, what’s your favourite way to eat it?

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