I love breakfast food and we often have breakfast for dinner at our house (check out my recipe for delicious coconut flour banana pancakes to get the full story behind my addiction). As we work to reduce our meat consumption, eggs are a quick, easy and cheap source of protein that works for some vegetarians. If you’re looking for meatless Monday ideas, try my sweet potato scramble recipe for breakfast or dinner!  

Breakfast for dinner

When it starts getting cold, I love savory vegetables like sweet potato and every kind of squash. This is the time of year I start to batch cook soup, chili and stew, and opt for warm, stick to your ribs oatmeal instead of eating cold overnight oats straight from the fridge. However, it’s easy to pack on the pounds if you live in a cold climate because being outside isn’t always a joy when it’s -40.

As an introvert who writes contemporary romance novels, it`s very easy for me to default to hibernating and getting lost in my stories. This year, I’m going to be extra mindful of staying healthy and fit (my workouts are done in my living room, either through YouTube or cheap exercise videos, so I don’t even have to leave the house).

I’m working towards traditionally publishing my debut novel, Sweet Redemption, and I’ve been hoping to share an update with you for quite some time. However, I’m still in the waiting stages. Publishing is not a fast business and it’s often filled with rejection, which is never an easy pill to swallow.

I’m focused on staying present, being grateful and not worrying because there is nothing I can do to make the agents decide if they want to represent me any faster. My email subscribers will be the first to know any news (and get a bonus free gift), so if you aren’t signed up, make sure you do so below.

And now onto the recipe! You’ll notice that Buster the boxer isn’t launching this one and that’s because it’s getting dark AF early in the day now and finding the perfect photography lighting is getting increasingly challenging (Buster doesn’t fit inside the portable photo studio and wouldn’t be happy about it if we tried). James and I are going to buy some fancy lights, but in the meantime, head on over to Instagram for your Buster fix.

What’s your favourite recipe for Meatless Monday?

Sweet potato scramble

This vegetarian-friendly sweet potato scramble is perfect for breakfast or dinner. It comes together in 30 minutes and is packed with flavour and protein.

This recipe serves 4.

Healthy Dinner Recipes
Immediately after James took this picture, I ate the food! We don’t make separate dishes for the blog. We share what’s actually on our table.



  1. Whisk the 8 eggs in a large bowl and add the diced white onion, chopped green pepper and black pepper
  2. Peel and chop the sweet potatoes and place them in a large container with a lid. Drizzle the tablesppon of avocado or grapeseed oil on top of them evenly and sprinkle the garlic powder and onion powder on top. Put the lid on and shake the container to coat the sweet potatoes evenly. You can use any spice mixture you like, but I kept it simple this time
  3. Spread the sweet potatoes across a baking sheet (I use a silicon mat to prevent sticking) and roast them in the oven for about 30 minutes at 350º
  4. While the sweet potatoes are cooking, scramble the eggs in a skillet and chop the tomato
  5. Divide the sweet potatoes and eggs among four plates and top with the tomato pieces before serving

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