It’s so easy to heat up soup from a can, especially if you or someone in your household is under the weather. However, there is nothing like homemade hearty chicken and rice soup (plus there’s a lot less sodium). If you make a big batch and freeze it in portions (meal prep 101), then it’s basically the same thing as reaching for a can. In my recipe down below, I give you my secret to great tasting soup that won’t disappoint! 

Winter soup recipes

Cold and flu season is in full swing (check out my natural cold remedies for both humans and dogs), so having soup in my deep freezer is a necessity. Plus, James is a soup monster, so it’s convenient to be able to heat up prepared soup whenever he asks. If you pair it with crusty bread, it can easily be a comfort food for a cold winter night.

We’ve been getting off easy weather wise in Southern Ontario, but today I woke up to the first real snow of the season. It’s nothing extreme like the four feet of white stuff I’m used to in December, but it’s stuck to the ground (much to Buster‘s glee). The frigid temperature inspired me to share my hearty chicken and rice soup recipe, which I intend to eat for lunch! This should tide us over until we can get back to the cottage.

I’m expecting the rest of the holiday gifts I ordered on Amazon to arrive this week and it looks like I won’t have to brave the mall at all, which thrills me to no end. If I never had to spend time physically shopping again for as long as I live, it would be the best gift in the world. How about you? Do you like heading to the mall, or do you prefer the click and buy approach? I tell my family that if Amazon doesn’t sell it, they aren’t getting it.

I’m working next week, but have the following week off and I’m really looking forward to it. I would have taken the one after off as well, but I’m out of vacation time due to attending two writing conferences this year to pitch literary agents and spending several weeks at the cottage. Regardless, I’ll make the most of it and get as much writing done as I can in between spending time with my family and hosting a party (want to join us?).

I’ve decided that if I don’t land a traditional deal for Sweet Redemption that I will pursue independent publishing in the new year. It isn’t my first choice, but I want to make sure I’m giving this whole writing thing my best shot (and learning to take rejection in stride). I’m not normally into the whole New Year’s resolution idea, but I feel inspired to put pen to paper and set out some goals for 2019. It’s going to be my best one yet!

What’s going on in your world? What’s your favourite kind of soup (remember, this post is about soup)? 

Hearty chicken and rice soup

This hearty chicken and rice soup is a standalone meal loaded with veggies, protein and flavour. It freezes well and is perfect for meal prepping. 

This recipe makes 10 servings, so I highly recommend freezing some for later! You won’t be sorry that you did.

Chicken soup



  1. Cook the chicken breast in a large skillet and season with the garlic powder and onion powder. I tend to skip black pepper because it makes the soup too hot, but if that’s your jam, add it here!
  2. Cook the rice or pasta according to the directions
  3. Pour the chicken broth in a large pot and add the chicken, rice or pasta and chopped vegetables. This is when you add my secret ingredient that gives the soup the best flavour, Italian seasoning. Keep the pot covered and bring everything to a boil before lowering the heat and simmering until the vegetables are soft (I tend to leave it for a couple hours)  

That’s it! Now you have lunch for two for a week.

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