Imagine being rewarded after a grueling workout with a strawberry protein shake that tastes like a diner milkshake – now you can be! This strawberry protein shake tastes exactly like an old fashioned diner milkshake and gives me a warm, nostalgic feeling (without the sugar rush). It’s a perfect refreshing treat during the summer and now that I’ve created it, I’m addicted to it!

Since a few of my recent recipes have used bananas (bakery style banana bread donuts, easy frozen dog treats, and coconut flour pancakes), I decided to forgo adding one. However, you definitely could try it out because the only combo rivaling strawberry banana is peanut butter and chocolate! If you do, let me know how it goes.

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This recipe is: 



Pro tips: 

  1. Use a high quality protein powder to ensure your shake tastes amazing. I could eat the one I use with a spoon and even use it for baking (check out my protein cookie recipe for proof)
  2. If you’re adverse to cottage cheese, I still recommend using it because that’s what gives this recipe the thick, creamy taste. I promise you can’t detect the lumps or taste any hint of cottage cheese flavour. But if you must, sub for coconut oil
  3. Use a professional grade blender to ensure your shake is smooth. I currently have a Ninja, but dream of the Vitamix – one day!
  4. Frozen strawberries will help your shake taste like a milkshake sans ice cream. Room temperature would be much less exciting. I recommend using organic if your budget allows as strawberries are on the dirty dozen list

Now let’s drink a strawberry protein milkshake! What food takes you down memory lane? 

Strawberry protein shake (that tastes like a diner milkshake!)

This smooth, creamy and delicious strawberry protein shake tastes exactly like an old fashioned diner milkshake. It’s protein-packed, naturally sweet and very refreshing! 

The recipe serves 1.

Healthy strawberry milkshake



  1. Place all the ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth. Serve immediately. That’s it!

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