My Instagram followers have been asking for more clean, green and organic beauty recipes and I’m sharing my anti-aging exfoliating face wash with you today. Are you following me on the ‘gram, by the way? It’s my most active social platform, so c’mon! Meet me over there.

You may have noticed this is my second “anti-aging” post recently (check out my eye cream recipe), so let me explain. My birthday is on Saturday (in addition to my first live pitch for my debut novel, Twist of Fate) and, as I always do around this time of year, I started thinking about mortality, aging, and the fragility of life. Learn more below or jump to the recipe now!

My train of thought is morbid, I know, but personal milestones always make me miss my dad the most and my birthday is definitely one of my least favourite days of the year (but I do love autumn and all things pumpkin). As I continue to experience “firsts” in my life, I can’t help but feel sadness and anger that cancer robbed my dad from sharing them with me. It also taught me to avoid unnecessary chemicals and toxins in my food and products.

I believe aging gracefully is a beautiful thing and growing older is a privilege not granted to everyone (and sure beats the alternative of dying young). So when I say “anti-aging,” it’s not that I don’t think wrinkles are beautiful marks of character. It’s that I believe in keeping skin healthy and “young” for as long as possible through natural interventions.

I’m often asked what I do to my skin and for years, the answer was…nothing. Despite my dad’s Asian heritage, I inherited my mom’s milky porcelain skin. As a teenager, I barely remembered to wash my make-up off, let alone go through any rigorous routine. Sometimes I’d buy expensive lotions and potions because I felt that’s what I should be doing, but I never remembered to use them.

Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t rub toxins all over myself and I want to assure you that you don’t have to in order to have great looking skin. As I’ve gotten older, my routine has become more consistent and preventative because “perfect” skin takes me a bit more work now than it did in the past and I’m more mindful of ingredient lists (check out my toothpaste recipe to avoid putting dangerous ingredients in your mouth every day).

Follow in my footsteps and you can transform your skin and improve your health.

Homemade beauty products
This is a snippet from Sweet Redemption about Brooklyn‘s mama

Now let’s make some face wash!

Anti-aging exfoliating face wash

My nourishing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging exfoliating face wash is made of healthy ingredients and is safe to use daily.

Easy, homemade personal care products



That’s it! Easy, peasy, so why not get started with a healthier beauty routine today? What are you best natural beauty secrets? 

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