I have an old soul. When I was 6, my mom used to tell people I was going on 40. This is why my friends (most of whom are older than me) find it so funny that I’m part of the dreaded and despised millennial generation. While avocado toast is tongue in cheek, I actually do love it and I promise it’s the only millennial-esque aspect to my lifestyle!

I’m writing this post from the screened in porch at my cottage, which many people assume my parents bought for me. They didn’t. It’s simply because I make my own avocado toast and heart lattes at home rather than joining my wool-hat-wearing friends at fancy cafes. Just kidding.

But seriously, James and I eat out about four times a year (and usually find it under-whelming – we’d rather host dinner parties). Making our own meals and coffee is one of our money-savings tactics. We primarily direct money towards investments and anything we can make at home (including personal care and cleaning products), we do!

I make this guac once a week (pro tip: buy the avocados early in the week so they soften by the weekend) and have given the simple recipe out countless times to rave reviews. It’s a delicious spread that can replace (or complement) hummus and be added to everything from toast to nachos to burgers.

It’s always in our fridge and I hope that it’s a new addition to yours as well!

Easy guacamole recipe

This recipe is: 

a source of good fat

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Note: avocados are toxic to dogs. Buster is only near it for the picture and he didn’t consume any. Please don’t share this spread with your canine pals.

Avocado Toast with the Easiest 4 Ingredient Guac

This smooth, creamy guac is easy to whip up and the perfect topper for toast, burgers, or nachos. It’s a simple, base recipe that you can customize to suit your taste! 

This recipes makes about 2 cups of guac depending on the size of your avocados. 

Avocado spread


For the guac: 

For the toast:


  1. Cut each avocado in half, remove the pit and scoop out the flesh
  2. Put the avocado, lemon juiceminced garlic, and diced onion into a food processor and blender until smooth. I have a Ninja, but dream of a Vitamix – one day!
  3. Spread the avocado onto your toast, top with organic crushed red peppers, the slice of tomato and a runny, sunny side up egg

Now let’s eat some avocado toast! What is your favourite toast topper? 

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