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Fall bucket list

Summer is coming to a close and I’m already starting to think about my fall bucket list. As always, summer at the cottage passed by in a blink. The older I get, the faster time seems to fly and that’s why it’s so important to be present, be grateful and make the most of it.

We’re embarking on a massive renovation at our primary home. When I say massive I mean it: we’re ripping the roof off and building an 800 square foot addition complete with a balcony. In times of chaos, goal setting is even more important so I can ground myself and remember to have fun along the way!

What do you have planned this fall?

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Fall Bucket List

Here are my top ten fall bucket list goals:

Make serious progress with publishing Sweet Redemption. I’ll be attending two writing conferences in September to learn, network and pitch literary agents (I’ll share my lessons learned right here on the blog). I’ll also continue to build my author platform and connect with readers and other authors.

Share some pumpkin recipes on the blog (I love all things pumpkin).

Autumn Bucket List

Re-read books that inspire me to become a better writer, like Big Magic and On Writing, books that inspire me to be healthier, like How Not to Die and The China Study, and fiction books I simply can’t wait to devour just because, like this one and this one

Make a healthy baked apple treat (bonus if we go pick the apples from a local farm).

Make some fun memories with James because nothing matters more to me than my marriage. We’re planning to go away for a weekend sans Buster to check out the Tim Hicks concert and break up dark and gloomy November. We’re also contemplating some time away in New York City, where Sweet Redemption and my trilogy are set. While I’m definitely a country girl, I make an exception for NYC.

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Brooklyn and Trevor from Sweet Redemption live in New York City! Photo credit: Nicole Ashley

Continue to stay active despite the temperatures dropping so I can keep my health and fitness goals on track.

Reconnect with some of our good friends now that the craziness of our summer schedule is coming to a close (thank you for being patient with us throughout the summer, folks, and understanding that we’re often away on weekends).

Have a horror movie marathon with James for Halloween (he will be terrified and I will be happy because horror movies are my favourite). Fun fact: James and I got engaged on Halloween many moons ago!

Take a family picture with the adorable Buster the boxer (we need to get better at getting everyone in a single frame).

Stay up past my bedtime and watch the harvest moon with James (that will make for some beautiful pictures).

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