I’ve shared many healthy and lightened up recipes with you on the blog, but if you want to make perfect fall off the bone ribs every single time, unfortunately they don’t fall into the “healthy” category because of what I cook them in. However, I have made some healthy adjustments to ensure that indulging in savory and delicious ribs won’t derail your diet.

James and I prefer to eat lean, white meat and fish and when we do consume red meat, we are super picky about how it tastes. So, when I claim that I will teach you how to make perfect fall off the bone ribs, I don’t take that promise lightly – these are going to be the best ribs you’ve ever tasted!

You may have noticed in my recent bookstack that I’ve been exploring a plant-based diet while I read recipes from How Not to Die, Thug Kitchen, The China Study, Eat to Live, and Oh She Glows. That’s still true and despite the rib recipe, James and I have drastically reduced our meat consumption and only buy organic meat from local farms.

I’m not sure if we’ll ever become vegetarians and, to be honest, I doubt it. However, we will continue to limit our meat consumption and I’ll also continue to come up with creative plant-based recipes that ensure my resident carnivore doesn’t stage a revolt. Let me know in the comments below if you’d be interested in more vegetarian and vegan recipes!

What are your secrets to cooking amazing ribs?

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How to make perfect fall off the bone ribs

If you’ve ever wondered how to make perfect ribs that fall off the bone, follow my recipe exactly and you will not be disappointed!  

This recipe serves 4.

Perfect slow cooker ribs



  1. Pour the can of Ginger Ale (or pop of choice) into your slow cooker and stack the ribs inside. Cook on low for about 4 hours
  2. Remove the ribs, drain all the fat, and cover the bottom of the slow cooker in BBQ sauce. Place 2 racks of ribs in the slow cooker, apply BBQ sauce liberally and add half the onions, then stack the remaining 2 racks of ribs on top. Repeat the BBQ sauce and onion process and heat on low for another 2 hours
  3. Right before you’re about to serve the ribs, fire up the grill and seal in all the glorious taste on the BBQ (don’t forget to check out Buster’s grill master tips!)

How to make fall off the bone ribs

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