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Giveaway and Author Interview: Raincheck by Marlo Lanz

The author community on Instagram is full of amazing, supportive women and I am so grateful that it connected me with the incredibly talented Marlo Lanz, author of Raincheck. Her debut novel is getting kick ass reviews all over the map and I’m so excited to feature Raincheck as my first giveaway on the blog! Read below for my interview with Marlo and to enter the giveaway. But before you do, learn more about Raincheck:

Author Marlo Lanz

Ty Benson is tall, dark, delicious – and done with women. As the singer for the iconic rock band Raincheck, Ty is sick of women chasing after him. He’s sworn off relationships, enjoying the simplicity that celibacy brings. Until he meets Liv Madison. She’s completely – and maddeningly – uninterested in him. And it’s seriously turning him on. Stuck together on Raincheck’s Summer Tour, Ty is trying to stay away from her. But it’s getting harder every day.

Liv Madison just wants to work on her Master’s thesis and have some fun this summer. Which is the exact reason she’s tagging along as her best friend Gabe performs on Raincheck’s tour. Ty Benson, however, seems to have other plans for her. As annoying as he is gorgeous, Ty just won’t leave her alone. And it’s affecting her relationship with Gabe – in a completely unexpected way.

Can Ty convince Liv to give him a chance? Or will her friendship with Gabe turn into so much more?

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Interview with Marlo Lanz

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Author Marlo Lanz

On my About page, I share random facts about me with my readers. Can you share 5 fun facts about you?

  1. I work in mental health and love it!
  2. When I grow up, I want to live by the beach.
  3. Pastries are my weakness.
  4. I wear too much black.
  5. I’m training to do a Spartan Challenge next year.

Tell us about your characters in your debut novel, Raincheck. What do you love about them and their relationship? 

Liv Madison is a grad student, working on her thesis in Psychology. She’s quirky, fun-loving, and tends to be an idealist. Used to being the wing-woman for her ultra-gorgeous best friend, Liv often doesn’t realize when guys are interested in her.

Ty Benson is a dark, delicious, brooding rock star. Having survived a toxic relationship, he’s embraced a life of celibacy rather than venture into the dating world again.

I love Ty because he’s raw and jaded. He generally says what he’s thinking and acts without considering the consequences. I love Liv because she’s Ty’s opposite – unassuming, a bit naïve, open – and can hold her own with him. They feed off each other, which makes for some great dialogue.

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I’m currently working on a trilogy and you’re currently working on your second book. Can you share some details with us?  

I’m just in the process of editing my second book, Kismet. It follows Piper, one of the secondary characters in Raincheck, as she tours in Europe then heads back home to Seattle. It’s a dark romance, laced with elements of sexual manipulation, mental illness, jealousy, and being true to yourself even when that displeases the people you love.

Do you write every day? I shared my best tips to beat writers block in a recent post.  

I wish I wrote every day! I actually go through periods where I’m inspired and write like mad, then don’t write for days and days – I’ve very sporadic.

What authors do you love to read? What is your favourite book?

I love Colleen Hoover, Erin McCarthy, and Christina Lauren. My favorite book is a classic – Pride and Prejudice.

Why did you choose to write in the contemporary romance genre?

I love reading this genre and it fit with the story that I wanted to tell.

I prefer writing from a male versus female perspective. In my debut novel, Sweet Redemption, I had a blast in Trevor’s head. How do you feel about it? 

Coincidentally, Raincheck and my work in progress Kismet are written from both the leading male and female characters’ perspectives. I love the diversity this writing style brings to the story.

You are represented by the Corvisiero agency. What made you decide to partner with a literary agent versus self-publishing?

I was lucky enough to sign with a great agent – Marisa Corvisiero – who possesses knowledge, experience and connections I don’t have. To me, this is the real bonus in working with an agent – it makes everything simpler. Plus, Marisa is amazingly supportive.

What is your best advice for aspiring authors?

Keep learning. Keep fine tuning. Keep writing. Make connections with other authors, bloggers and people in the industry. Attend conferences whenever possible and take the opportunity to pitch to agents and publishers.

Check out – it’s a great site for aspiring authors where you can pitch agents and publishers in one step. is also a great resource – they have contests, articles and courses.

How can readers connect with you?

Instagram: @marlo_lanz
Twitter: @marlo_lanz

Thank you for reading my interview with Marlo and good luck in the giveaway. Winners will be notified by email.

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