We’re celebrating Canada Day long weekend, so what better time to share some summer BBQ tips? Unfortunately, we currently have humidity that’s making it feel like 45+ degrees Celsius. I’ve always said you don’t need air conditioning at cottages because of the glorious lake breeze, but this weekend is making me reconsider.

When it doesn’t get below 30 for days on end, you start to feel…sticky. You also refuse to put the oven or stove on (and who am I kidding, we’re barely turning on the lights).  Everything we’ve eaten this weekend has been cooked outside, which inspired me to write this post. Don’t worry, a new recipe is coming next week!

James was a chef in a past life and as I told you in my grilled prosciutto pizza recipe, he’s a BBQ connoisseur. He works as an electrician, but he did many trades before choosing this one and can essentially fix anything (plus he takes really great pictures). He’s a pretty awesome dude who did all of the cooking this weekend, so I’m going to keep him.

Grill Tips

10 summer BBQ tips

Grill Basket to BBQ Vegetables

Chicken and Vegetable Kabobs

Despite the extreme heat, we spent our days outside on the lake and I made a lot of progress on my books after the sun went down. I’m hoping to be able to put Sweet Redemption in your hands soon! I was able to take a big step back and I’m feeling rested, recharged and ready to take on a new week.

What did you do this weekend?  

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