One of my favorite daily rituals is how I often end my day: on the water with James and Buster watching the Muskoka sunset at our cottage in Huntsville. It’s a meditative experience and different every time – sometimes the sky is painted in oranges and reds, and other times it’s pink and purple. Concluding the day connected to nature with my boys sets the tone for a restful sleep and ensures we start the next day feeling energized and inspired.

Muskoka sunset

Cottage Sunset

There are certain things that I need to do in a day in order to feel productive and happy: spend time with my family, drink a coffee (or three), workout, take Buster for a long walk after the sun sets and the world is quiet, meditate, and, of course, write or do some planning for future writing projects. I am a meticulous scheduler and I don’t waste time watching television or sitting around idly – every hour is accounted from 5 a.m. onwards.

I’m learning to be more flexible when something comes up that isn’t on my list though. James is spontaneous where I am fairly rigid with my planning (I can hear all my friends laughing at the disclaimer “fairly”). If it isn’t on the calendar, then I have to convince myself to give it a go anyway – but I’m doing it! James inspires me to take chances and try new things, I keep him on track so that we get at least some of our things done!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my story where I shared the boat ride where James took this shot. You can hear the waves crashing, Buster walking around to check out the water from every corner of the boat, and the click, click, click of James taking pictures (I’m quite used to living with that sound in addition to tripping over power tools). You can see a bonus picture of the sunset on the ‘gram today, so check it out!

What is your favourite way to end the day?  

James’ photography essentials 

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