I’m so excited to be writing a book in the new Cocky Hero Club world with Marlo Lanz. You can learn more about our upcoming new release by reading the Seductive Scoundrel blurb below. You can also add it to your TBR on Goodreads so you don’t miss any updates! We’re hoping it goes live early next year and can’t wait for you to meet Dean and Mia.

Sweet Redemption was released about a year ago and I was hoping to have a new book out in 2020. The timing didn’t work out, but some great things did happen. I’m having a baby at the end of August, I signed with an amazing literary agent (read my submission tips here), I joined the Cocky Hero Club, and I have several manuscripts being polished and pitched.

Good things are happening, friends. Sometimes you just have to trust the timing of your life and let go of the things you can’t control. It’s been a wild year in the world and if we survive with our sanity intact, then I think we’re doing pretty alright.

Cocky Hero Club

Seductive Scoundrel brings you back to the Mister Moneybags world. If you enjoyed Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s book, then you’ll love connecting with Dex and Bianca again in Seductive Scoundrel. This book has been so much fun to write and I can’t wait for you to read it!

Seductive Scoundrel blurb 

Dean McCormick

Everything in my life is big from my penthouse to my ego, and I always get what I want. So when a mysterious woman at a masquerade party leaves me with only her phone number, I’m annoyed – and intrigued.

Mia is as smart as she is sexy, and she challenges my dominance in ways no one else has dared. But she’s also been lying to me, and a scandal from her past threatens my lucrative deal with the legendary Dex Truitt.

I made a mistake letting her in. I might love her, but I can’t risk trusting her.

Mia Ford

When I fled Kansas for New York, I expected to have a fun, new life. Instead, I’ve become a workaholic with only a tiny apartment to show for it.

Until I get a sext meant for someone else. I play along because what Dean’s after is all I’m willing to give. But as I get to know the man behind the empire, I fall for him – hard.

When my past catches up with me, Dean ends our relationship. But I’ll teach him that my love is his most powerful asset.

I’m not running this time – I’m fighting for my rightful place by his side.

Let me know what you think of the Seductive Scoundrel blurb in the comments below. 

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