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Perfect Rockstar blurb

I’m sharing the Perfect Rockstar blurb with you today! I wasn’t sure if I’d add more books to the Game Changer series after I was done writing stories for the primary characters. But readers are loving this fictional world and there’s going to be at least one more book – Perfect Rockstar, which is Bryce Church’s story.

Full disclosure: the Perfect Rockstar blurb might change before the publication date. It’s the first thing I write and after the story is complete, I might need to make some changes. But the working blurb will give you an idea of where this story is headed.

You’ll notice the release date on Amazon is way far out. That’s because I had to set a pre-order date and I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be done writing the book. Life has been wild for my little family lately, but I’m doing my best to keep hitting my word count.

I’ll tell you all about what’s been happening with me soon. But for now, get ready to meet Bryce! You’ll remember him as the Super Bowl performer in Bobby’s book and the unexpected guest in Gavin’s story. Bryce and Harlow are super steamy together and I’m so excited about them.

Perfect Rockstar blurb


Bryce Church is a legend, not a man – except I’ve never heard of him.

We have a one-night stand the same weekend my friends drag me to a concert. They promise I’ll love the rumbly baritone of Nashville’s most famous rockstar turned country music sensation. And I do. It’s the same one I’ve been fantasizing about since he left my bed.

And now we have a surprise that’s due in 9 months.


After performing on sold out stages across the globe, I’m burnt out.

Harlow offers me a temporary escape and the chance to just be Bryce, not the frontman of Creekside. I haven’t had a night of anonymity in years and that’s where it was supposed to end. But the girl is addictive and in 24 hours, she becomes my muse.

And now I need a lifetime with her and our new baby.

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