My son's first birthday photo recap

My son’s first birthday party

I asked my newsletter crew if they wanted to see a recap of my son’s first birthday party, and the resounding answer was – yes! Are you on my list? If not, you should definitely sign-up so you don’t miss a thing.

My son’s first birthday party

We don’t post pictures of our son on the internet/social media. However, now you can see a fondant replica of my blonde haired, blue eyed baby boy. This epic creation was part of his three tier cake, and luckily James was able to preserve it. There were also a ton of edible farm animals on the cake because cows are our son’s favorite animal.

Due to covid restrictions, we were only able to have a small party at home. However, James and I are a lowkey couple, so a backyard BBQ worked perfectly with our vibe. Our son had a blast playing with the other kids, and he thought opening presents was the best thing ever. Funny story, though. After designing the perfect cake, our son wouldn’t eat any! My child definitely didn’t inherit my sweet tooth.

Olivia Peters Books

Interactive farm experience

We also went to a petting zoo to celebrate our son’s birthday. It happened to be a boiling hot day of the summer, but we still had a lot of fun. I absolutely adore goats and wish that I could have them as pets. Luckily, my son was also a fan, so now we just need to get James on board! Check out these cutie pies:

Goat Chicken Llama

Fun facts about my little guy

My little one is:

  • Talking up a storm and saying a shocking amount of words
  • Always playing with his doggy brothers
  • Dressing up as a monkey for Halloween
  • A big fan of water whether it’s the bath, the boat, or the lake
  • Sleeping through the night (woo-hoo)
  • Obsessed with music and always has one of his many radios playing
  • Toddling all over the house and backyard
  • A lover of story time, especially when there are flaps he can open and buttons to push
  • Stealing our hearts more and more each day
  • Very affectionate and loves to cuddle give kisses

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into my personal life! 

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