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I believe recipes are a guideline and that everything on earth is “to taste.” However, I also understand home cooking can be daunting at first and even if you’ve been at it for a long time, inspiration can sometimes lag.

Since boredom and feeling uninspired can result in pizza delivery (that isn’t just me, right?), I share new (almost always) healthy recipes that include:

  • Easy to find ingredients you won’t have to scour 12 Whole Food locations to source
  • Simple instructions that prove you don’t have to be a gourmet chef or log countless hours in the kitchen to put hearty, wholesome meals (and decadent, healthy desserts!) on the table
  • Full colour photos so you can see exactly what you’re working towards

Full disclosure: I have never tracked calories or macros. If you do, you can input my recipes into any one of the numerous calculators available online.

Links to My Recipes

I post a new recipe that I personally created every Monday. My blog is brand new, but you will eventually find recipes in all of these categories:

I also share my best cooking tips to help ensure you have success when you try out a new creation!

Food Philosophy  

Every day we are bombarded with messages about the magic, quick fix solution that will finally change everything. Except that it won’t. The only way to maintain a healthy body or successfully lose weight once and for all is to eat clean and stay active.

What I don’t do

I don’t follow any particular diet plans. I plan and prep meals every week, but I don’t eliminate entire food groups. I trust my body and the process, and I’ve left all guilt and restrictions behind.

I don’t believe in an “all or nothing” approach and have always tried to focus on what I’m gaining as opposed to removing from my life. Mindset and lifestyle changes combined with finding balance and fostering a passion for cooking were my keys to success.

What I do

We eat organic and non-GMO, limit gluten and refined sugar, and completely avoid soy. We eat plant-based as often as possible and treat meat as a side dish instead of the climax (romance writer, remember?).

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