Wellness Philosophy

I’m invested in sharing my passion for wellness while always trying to do more with less (in particular, time and money). I’ll offer easy tips you can implement right now to make positive changes and move the needle towards achieving your goals.

I’m a recovering dieter who tried everything: juice fasts, starvation, over training, meal replacements of every kind, cleanses…I could go on. The only thing these tactics did was damage my metabolism and mental well-being.

Despite hypothyroidism, I have battled my way through successfully losing weight naturally and mindfully in ways that nurtured my body. And I’m confident that you can do it too.

Approach to Fitness

I have found the joy in movement. My favourite workouts are strength training (especially when combined with HIIT cardio) and both hot and power yoga. However, given that I work a desk job, I also incorporate movement into my every day life (to start, always take the stairs and park as far away from your destination as possible and see how quickly your daily steps add up!) and am as active as possible.

My firm belief is that the best exercise is the one you’re going to do. I absolutely recommend a balanced training approach and shaking things up, but if running is what you’re going to do and planning strength workouts is setting yourself up to fail, then I say: run! Even if you can only squeeze in 15 minutes of physical activity in a day, that’s better than an hour long workout you didn’t do.


I love sharing what I’m learning and thinking, including general musings about life’s idiosyncrasies, and documenting the fun I’m having along the way. I’m always seeking to broaden my horizons, make lasting memories and uncover the wonder in day-to-day experiences.

My husband, James, is a hobby photographer who takes incredible snapshots that capture the moments that matter (he is the Creative Director of the blog and takes all the pictures unless otherwise noted). Many of our adventures include our exuberant boxer, Buster.

We’re so excited to give you a sneak peek into our life and hope you’ll follow along!

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