Beautiful Beast

Once Upon A Broken Crown cover reveal

Surprise! Today is the Once Upon A Broken Crown cover reveal. It’s a steamy fairytale retelling anthology that offers sexy versions of your favorite classic tales. I’m contributing Beautiful Beast, a contemporary take on Beauty and the Beast, and I’m so excited about the story.

I’ve teamed up with USA Today and bestselling authors to bring you this exclusive, limited time collection. There is something for everyone – fantasy, paranormal, dark, and contemporary stories. If you want to try something new, this is the perfect time to do it.

The pre-order is live early

Once Upon A Broken Crown is available for pre-order. And guess what? You can get it on all major platforms and it will cost you just 99 cents! That’s right – you’ll get 20 sexy fairytale retellings for under a dollar.

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Beautiful Beast

I’m in the writing cave working on my KB Worlds Everyday Heroes story, Concealed. I’ve plotted out Beautiful Beast, though, and here’s what I can tell you about it so far:

  • An alpha AF hero. Seriously, Brett is smoking hot and embodies dark and dangerous
  • The heroine is a sexy, sassy librarian named Kelsey
  • It’s an enemies to lovers story with super sexy love scenes. I mean, it’s me, what else did you expect?
  • There will be lots of familiar Beauty and the Beast imagery. Think red roses, mirrors, books, and plays on physical beauty
  • There’s a penthouse in New York City instead of a castle in the woods
  • It’s darker than anything I’ve written before, but still considered contemporary. It’s not a dark romance and you don’t have to worry about any triggers

What do you think of the Once Upon A Broken Crown cover reveal?

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