Chasing Victory by Olivia Peters

Chasing Victory paperbacks are available

I have some exciting news: Chasing Victory paperbacks are available! Chasing Victory is part of the Kindle Unlimited (KU) program, which means that’s only available on Amazon. If you subscribe to KU, then you can read it for free as part of your monthly subscription fee. But there’s nothing like the feel of a paperback in your hands! So, I’ve got your covered if you want to hold a copy, too.

There are tons of challenges that come along with being a Canadian author. Most vendors are American and the exchange rate and additional fees really add up. I recently learned that even though Amazon has a Canadian printer, I still need to order my paperbacks from the US. That means shipping delays plus extra fees. You might end up with your copy before I do!

But on the bright side, there are two formats available for this book. I was limited by the publisher of Sweet Redemption and could only offer an eBook version (that will change – and so will the cover – as soon as I get my rights back). So, today I’m celebrating that Chasing Victory paperbacks are available. It’s time for another teaser:
Chasing Victory by Olivia Peters
What format will you read Chasing Victory?

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