There’s a new cover for Chasing Victory. I absolutely loved the previous cover, but it was too scandalous for some retail outlets. As a hybrid author (that means I’m published traditionally and independently), I’m still learning with every book. A lesson learned for me is to avoid having lingerie on a cover. And I mean, holy hotness! Look at the abs and arms on the new version.

Chasing Victory is coming soon

You can read the first chapter of Chasing Victory for free, and it’s not too late to pre-order a copy. I am so excited for you to meet Cade and Victory. Their story will break your heart, but I promise to put it back together by the time you’re done reading. I’m still working on getting the paperback version live, but it’s coming and I can’t wait to hold the book in my hands. I’ll definitely be giving away some signed copies!

To celebrate book one in The Game Changer Series, I’m hosting a takeover with tons of authors friends in the BestSellers and BestStellars Party Room on April 26. Make sure you join us for book talk, giveaways and sexy dudes.

To help tide us over until release day, here’s a Chasing Victory teaser. Cade is a dirty-talking alpha and oh so sexy:

Chasing Victory teaser

Are you curious about what I have planned for the rest of the year? My next newsletter is going out on March 25. The cover reveal for Seductive Scoundrel is on March 29, but I’m sharing it with my subscribers early. I’ll also share the projects I’m focused on for 2021 and 2022, which include a sexy fairytale retelling and my KB Worlds Everyday Heroes book. Are you on the list? If not, what are you waiting for?! Join us.

I’d love to know – what do you think of the new cover for Chasing Victory?

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