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Romance novels for Halloween

Do you love Halloween or are you indifferent? We’re in the indifferent camp at our house, but that could be because we don’t have kids. Dressing a toddler up as a pumpkin would very likely change my mind! In the meantime, how about some romance novels for Halloween? What is romantic about Halloween, you ask? Well, a fun fact about my relationship is that James and I got engaged on Halloween many moons ago! 

Romantic Suspense Novels
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Romance novels for Halloween 

The best writers are readers themselves. As I work towards publishing Sweet Redemption, I’ve provided lots of writing advice, including submission tips, how to build an author platform, books that have made me a better writer, how to research your book, #MeToo in romance novels, how to prepare for a writing conference, and how to beat writers block.

I’ll continue to share my lessons learned with you and one of my top recommendations is to ensure you’re still making time to read, both within your genre and craft books. Whether you’re a romance author or reader, these romance novels for Halloween would be great to add to your library!

Spooky Romance Books

Secret identity trope

Romantic suspense 

Happy Halloween! What is your favourite Halloween themed book or movie? Check out my post from yesterday with some great recommendations from my followers! 

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