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Giveaway and Author Interview: Frozen Memories by Cassie Faber

I am giving away TEN free e-books! Frozen Memories by Cassie Faber releases on Friday, September 7 and to celebrate, Cassie and I partnered to host an awesome giveaway exclusive for our followers! The giveaway details are below, but if you can’t wait, you can pre-order Frozen Memories right now!

Blog Giveaway Frozen Memories by Cassie Faber

Like Marlo Lanz and Lisa Becker, Cassie is another author who I connected with on Instagram and I’m so glad I did. She’s a gem – kind, genuine, supportive and hella talented. In our interview below, she shares some excellent advice to guide aspiring authors and has made some book recommendations that I intend to check out.

What is the best book you read this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Giveaway Details: 10 free e-books of Frozen Memories by Cassie Faber are up for grabs!

**Giveaway is closed and winners have been notified**

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Interview with Cassie Faber

Frozen Memories by Cassie Faber

Connecting with the amazing author community on Instagram has been so wonderful as I share my journey towards publishing my debut novel, Sweet Redemption. I also write about writing, fitness, food and life. Can you share 5 fun facts about you?

  1. My favorite snack while writing is oranges and green olives stuffed with pimento.
  2. I mostly cut my own hair much to my husband’s disapproval.
  3. I love writing and receiving handwritten letters and Christmas cards.
  4. I was born in South Africa, so my first language is Afrikaans, which we speak at home everyday.
  5. I am a stationary and chap stick addict who starts watching Christmas movies around mid-October.

Can you tell us about your characters in Frozen Memories? What do you love about them and their relationship?

Twenty-two-year-old Claire is a gentle spirit, all smiles and icing sugar by day, but when alone, she’s tormented by the tragic accident in which she lost both her mother and her memories. She feels fragmented and incomplete, until she meets Boh, and realizes pretty quickly that she’s going to get hurt, but she can’t deny his pull on her.

Boh is a few years older, strong-willed, broody and devilishly charming. In his own words he “doesn’t do girlfriends.” When he meets Claire, she plunges him into her world of cupcakes and flowers – slowly she takes apart the wall he’s built around himself brick by brick, and unearths a chain that ties them together irrevocably.

Can you share some details with us about your second novel and when you anticipate releasing it?

I’m so excited about the second book, which is a continuation of Boh and Claire’s journey from Frozen Memories. Book two is a much darker book, where Boh’s past threatens to swallow both him and Claire whole, and this has a significant impact on their new and fragile relationship.

Frozen Memories will release this Friday, September 7 and book two will arrive on November 27, 2018. There are another five books in the series, one for each of the other characters and their partners, and a surprise novella at the end it all to wrap it up!

Do you write every day? Do you have any writing rituals?

Absolutely! I’m a list and routine fanatic. I have a full-time job from Monday to Thursday in the corporate world, so I have a strict routine that keeps my daily, weekly and monthly writing goals on track. I also have bi-monthly goals to keep my publishing schedule on track.

What authors do you love to read? What is your favourite book?

My first love is romance books, but I also love YA fantasy. Mia Sheridan’s amazing. I love all her books, heck I’d read her shopping list! I also enjoy Barbara Freethy, Janet Evanovich, Kim Harrison and Bella Andre.

It’s impossible to pick just one book!

Why did you choose to write in the romance genre?

Romance novels regularly top the major bestseller lists and have a large and dedicated audience of readers, but romance is more than just a story about two people falling in love.

Romance has been a prominent theme in literature since the conception of the novel, and draws more interest than any other genre around the world! Everyone loves a good love story whether fated, doomed or happy. All those elevated levels of dopamine make you feel invincible, vulnerable, impulsive and sometimes just stupid.

The time frame can range from historical to futuristic, the heroes range from the ‘average guy’ to the better than average or like in popular paranormal werewolf, vampire, etc.!
The romance community is by far the most supportive where there’s room for newbies and everyone is always super eager to give advice.

You’re very active on social media. Can you share your best tips for building an engaged author platform?

Oh goodness that’s a hard one to nail. I try to do a post everyday but with work and everything else one needs to juggle it’s sometimes the last thing I do at 11 p.m. before I turn out the light.

One thing that I have always known is that I want to be authentic. The pressure to be ‘perfect’ and to ‘fit in’ is real. Being transparent and genuine is what I strive for as an author as I believe this is the best way to connect with readers and just people in general.

Olivia’s note: some of my best advice? Show up. Read one of my popular Instagram posts to learn more.

You decided to self-publish rather than partner with a literary agent. Can you tell us how you made that decision and about your journey to publication?

Going the traditional route wasn’t something I’ve ever wanted to do. I remember a couple of years ago when I read about Amanda Hocking’s self-publishing success I immediately knew that’s what I wanted to do.

Being indie is hard work, but you have all the creative freedom and that’s important to me. I know I am going to make a ton of mistakes and that’s okay. This is a journey, not a race, and I am learning heaps.

What is your best advice for aspiring authors?

Don’t wait. Don’t wait for tomorrow, or when you’ve listened to another podcast on “how to write dialogue” or finished another book on “how to structure plot” or procrastinate because you feel that you are not good enough…yet. If writing a novel seems daunting, write a short story, write a poem, write a blog post, just write!

The only way you are going to flex those writers’ muscles is by writing. If you feel too insecure to let your friends or family read your stories put it on Wattpad, use a pen name, and then use the constructive feedback to grow and improve. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is what gets you through the days when you feel like burning it all!

Nobody wakes up one morning feeling like today is the day they can publish that story that’s been gathering dust in the drawer. Get it out, start editing, rewrite it twenty times, then take the leap…you’ll grow wings on your way down…and then before you know it, you’ll be flying!

Olivia’s note: you can check out more advice from authors Marlo Lanz and Lisa Becker!

How can readers connect with you?

Instagram: @authorcassiefaber
Facebook: @authorcassiefaber
Goodreads: @Cassie_Faber
Blog: Romance Author Cassie
Pinterest: @authorcassiefaber
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  2. […] For bonus pictures of Buster the boxer, head over to Instagram. You can follow our hashtag #authoropwrites, turn on our post notifications, and show Buster some love with a like or follow. If you subscribe to our monthly newsletter, you’ll never miss a post because you’ll receive our monthly digest and be the first to know about exclusive giveaways like the one I’m currently hosting with Cassie Faber! […]

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