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Giveaway and Author Interview: Clutch by Lisa Becker

I’m giving away an electronic copy of Clutch by Lisa Becker and, since I can’t promise you’ll meet your own “clutch” in real life, a beautiful beaded Tommy Bahama version for you to bring everywhere you go. Read the giveaway details below to enter right here on the blog AND get bonus entries on Instagram and Twitter.

Lisa is a hilarious and talented author who I met on the ‘gram and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her better. Since sharing is caring, I’m publishing our interview exclusively on the blog today where Lisa reveals some fun facts about herself and offers some valuable insights about writing and publishing – don’t miss out!

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Giveaway Details: Tommy Bahama Clutch and clutch e-book  

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Lisa and I have partnered to bring you a kick ass giveaway. You can win an electronic copy of her novel, Clutch, and a beautiful beaded Tommy Bahama clutch!

Lisa Becker Clutch Giveaway

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Quick! Enter right now because the giveaway only runs until September 5. We’ll wait. All done? Perfect – check out my interview with Lisa below!

Interview with Lisa Becker

Successful self-published authors
Author Lisa Becker

Three of my passions I blog about as I pursue publishing my debut novel, Sweet Redemption, are writing, fitness and cooking healthy recipes. Can you share 5 fun facts about you?

  1. I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life…ever!
  2. I make the most amazing jalapeno artichoke dip, but won’t share the recipe with anyone; it’s my secret.
  3. I went on a 10-course zip line in Costa Rica (and screamed the entire time!)
  4. I used to live a few blocks from Fenway Park and could hear Red Sox games from my apartment.
  5. While working in Atlanta during the ’96 Olympics, I wrote “The Official Grits Guide to Atlanta.”

Do you write every day? Do you have any writing rituals?

I don’t have a writing schedule. I tend to write when I have time available and am inspired to put something down on paper. I sit in my home office at a HP desktop computer with a really big screen. My eyes grow tired pretty easily in my old age 😉 And, I like to write with the television on in the background. When I first started writing, I was obsessed with Law & Order reruns. Now, I can’t seem to get enough of NCIS. I guess there’s a part of me that likes to see justice served.

Tell us about your characters in your debut novel, Clutch. What do you love about them and their relationship? 

Clutch follows the romantic entanglements of Caroline Johnson, a warm, vivacious handbag designer who despite finding success professionally, struggles romantically. Ever hopeful, she endures a series of hilarious romantic entanglements she compares to different styles of handbags, searching for her “Clutch.”

Along the way, she’s supported by her best friend, Mike, an incurable flirt and unabashed ladies’ man who, despite being heir to one of the nation’s largest, old-money brokerage firms, owns a bar. Their relationship is one built on heart and humor.

I understand Clutch won an award and is up for another one. Congratulations! I’ve also read fantastic reviews for your novel, which readers have called unique and unlike anything else they’ve read in the genre. Can you tell us what makes Clutch different?

I’m so flattered that readers and listeners are connecting with Caroline’s search for love. Many are finding the format of the book unique – each chapter comparing an unsuccessful romantic relationship to a handbag style (the “Hobo” starving artist, the “Diaper Bag” single dad, the “Briefcase” intense businessman, etc.).

The concept was inspired by an episode of NCIS, where a character was referred to as a “handbag husband” meaning something useless you hang on your arm. That got me thinking about how men are like handbags, and the story grew from there.

Can you share some details with us about your work(s) in progress and when you anticipate releasing your next novel?  

Later this summer or in early fall, I plan to re-release my novel, Links, which New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken called “witty, heartfelt and emotionally satisfying.” When I talk about Links, I always ask people to raise their hands if they had an unrequited high school crush.

I had such a fierce crush on a boy, I willingly sat with him in the bathroom at parties while he puked up wine coolers, just so I could spend time with him. Links is a second chance romance that explores what happens when awkward Charlotte bumps into her unrequited high school crush 15 years after high school…and he doesn’t know who she is.

In 2019, I plan to release Starfish about an ambitious recent graduate who accepts a four-month internship at a prestigious LA PR firm with the hope of landing a full-time tech sector job, but her plans are derailed when she’s assigned to go on the road with a touring rock band. It’s a new adult story of unexpected love, the redemptive power of music and hogging the bed.

Olivia’s note: In addition to Clutch and Links, Lisa has also published The Click Series: Click: An Online Love Story, Double Click and Right Click.

What authors do you love to read? What is your favourite book?

I’m a huge fan of women’s fiction and romance writers, including Colleen Hoover, Helena Hunting, Christina Lauren, Jennifer Probst and Sophia Kinsella among others. My favorite book so far this year is The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory. The main characters “meet cute” at the start of a romantic, endearing and realistic journey of love, and the book has a lot of depth you don’t always find in romance novels. I want to be best friends with Alexa and marry Drew.

Why did you choose to write in the chick lit and romance genres?

What is more universal, more dramatic, more compelling than love? And if we get to talk about – and look at – book covers with shirtless men, who are we to complain?

You decided to self-publish rather than partner with a literary agent. Can you tell us how you made that decision and about your journey to publication?

I’ve been both self and traditionally published. There are advantages to both, as well as working with a large-scale publisher. Ultimately, it comes down to what opportunities are available to you, what your priorities are and how much control of your work you want to relinquish.

What is your best advice for aspiring authors?

Don’t write off self-publishing (pun intended!) When I was a grad student in Boston, I had interviewed Charles Rosen, one of the producers of the original Beverly Hills 90210, for an alumni magazine article while I was in graduate school. And I’ll never forget what he told me, “Don’t fall in love with your words, because somebody above will probably change them.”

Before starting my career as a romance novelist, I had a career in public relations where I found that to be the case. Clients, colleagues, and bosses were constantly changing anything I had written, sometimes for the better and sometimes just to put their own thumbprint on it. One of the great benefits of self-publishing is that you can really take control of the process, which can be a beautiful thing.

How can readers connect with you?

Twitter: @lisawbecker
Instagram: @lisawbecker
Links Book Trailer:
Clutch Book Trailer:

Thank you for reading my interview with Lisa and good luck in the giveaway. Winners will be notified by email or social media and I will also update this post.

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